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  • The Laboratory of
  • Dianne M. Perez
  • Department of Molecular Cardiology
  • Lerner Research Institute
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • Cleveland OH 44195

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Created on 10-August-2000

My laboratory is interested in three major areas of research:

  • 1) To determine how ligands bind in the
  • .....receptor.
  • 2) To determine the mechanisms of
  • ....activation.
  • 3) To determine the physiological role(s)
  • ....and possible pathology that is
  • particular subtypes of
  • ...a1-adrenergic receptors.
Lab Publications
  • Time-lapse imagery of a DNA
  • ....purification step using gel
  • ....electrophoresis.
  • When the purple dye reaches the bottom
  • ....of the gel, it is placed on top of a UV
  • ....light source, which makes the bands of
  • ....DNA fluoresce an orange color.

The Perez Lab Transgenic Mouse Project

Our transgenic mouse has a systemically overexpressed, constitutively active a1b adrenergic receptor. It displays phenotypes similar to Epilepsy, Parkinson's Plus and/or Multiple System Atrophy (Shy-Drager) in its locomotion dysfunction and neurodegeneration.

It may prove a useful model for neurodegenerative diseases and their potential treatments.