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Missing Boy Found

Little Pedro, the missing boy who has captivated the nation, was found working as a singing waiter in the “Little Barcelona” section of Omaha.

"Little Pedro"

Pedro, who recently turned 30 expressed dismay at all the trouble he caused.  “My Advisor pays me so little, I just wanted to disappear to get enough money to move to my dream city – Cleveland” said LP.  This last statement lost many supporters for Little Pedro, as they now doubt his credibility.  “Cleveland? Oh get real!” shouted the chairperson of Find Pedro.  His Advisor was also nonplussed.  “Waiter?  No wonder he hasn’t finished his thesis.  He told me it was going to be the best literary work since “Letters from a Nut.”  Pedro promised all concerned that he would be finished with his work soon.  “I can’t wait till I can start working with adrenergic receptors.  All my life I have wanted to do this.”  We can only hope that he will soon get his wish.